ARA Global Inc is an organization with diverse set of professionals joining hands to deliver innovative technological solutions meeting the complex needs of organizations. People are assets to company, it is an absolute necessity to train people to do their everyday job safer and effective. Leading organizations face challenges in training their employees. Quality training does not come at a cheaper cost, and in fact bad training programs are worse than not offering any training. We work with leading organizations to empower them to train their employees by offering a myriad of products and solutions catering differing needs. We have off the shelf training videos in HD format, eLearning videos that can be quickly added in your LMS or our LMS, digital learning programs in animated format using 2D imags, VR/AR and 3D technologies. We have trainers who can offer classroom training in the field of safety, corporate culture, organization excellence and leadership skills to name a few. We organize several workshops over the year in various locations and we also organize workshops in your organization. We also have digital publishing group which can publish in multiple languages for the employee handouts, equipment manuals, safety signs, wall decor messages and so on. We also have the required personnel to create customized training by recording onsite, provide translation services, editing in our studio setting, add professional voice-overs ( in multiple languages).