Online Learning is an useful platform used by our customers to train their employees effectively. Customers have differing needs and differing restrictions in accessing training content across various locations. We have  solutions to meet any type of online training you want and we have extensive experience in recommending which ones work for you.

Our Own LMS

1. Videos hosted in LMS – we have a multiple service providers depending on the content you choose. We offer eLearning on topics that include HR compliance, HR training videos, Management Leadership training videos, Skills training videos, EHS (Safety Training) videos.

SCORM Format – Load Our Courses Onto Your LMS

All our learning topics are available as SCORM compliant training courses. This means you can install, launch and track our training courses from your own SCORM-compliant Learning Management System. Contact us to receive a sample SCORM file to test the compatibility and quality of our videos. We have a very flexible pricing structure that you could buy from 1 topic all the way to our entire library, similarly, you could buy from 10 users to all the way to an unlimited number of users.