We know that every company is unique with specific safety training needs and objectives. Custom training programs help you reach your goals efficiently by featuring only your facility, your procedures, and your people. ARA global has developed a custom production process that allows you to customize your training needs easier than ever before. Imagine a site-specific safety orientation designed for new hires, an up-to-date subcontractor program, or a detailed emergency action plan designed just for your facility. These types of custom programs blend corporate identity with important safety information, confirming your company’s commitment to employee safety.

Steps in making the video

  • Initially, we will meet with you at your facility to discuss the focus of your customized program and the specific training points to be included. A plant tour combined with your site-specific objectives provides us with a starting point.
  • We will then produce a customized script based on your input and content. This initial script serves as a tool, enabling changes and additions to be made until a final version is approved.
  • Once the script is finalized, we will be able to determine the length of the program and a firm price quote can be given.
  • After an agreement to proceed has been reached, all necessary on-site filming will be performed, the script will be professionally narrated, and the program will be digitally edited per the script.
  • The finished program will be mastered to a digital HD format and provided to your company.
  • We can even work with your company to package this as an ELearning video along with certification and assessment.
Safety Animations We also have ability to produce animated videos in either 2D or 3D format  featuring animated characters in amusing and thought-provoking situations.  The animations work well as standalone safety reminders – or as part of ‘Safety Moment’ packs which include relevant training materials for use before and after viewing to reinforce the message, encourage discussion, and measure understanding. Animations can also be customized to show characters wearing your company PPE, i.e. specifically coloured coveralls and hardhat featuring company logos. We can also create specific animations covering your chosen subject. For this process, our technical department can assist with storyline and scripting. For more details on the available animations, possible customizations and need for building custom animation videos please reach us at sales@araglobalinc.com Sample Animation Videos We also offer additional animation capabilities such as VR , gamifications and adding other virtual effects to meet your corporate requirements.